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AMS3 Manny Adame, ADJ2 Ray Staiger & AO3 Richard Gadomski; VAH-21 barracks, CRB, Vietnam. Picture submitted by Manny Adame. Music Lesson: ADJ2 Ray Staiger (w/headset), AX3 Jacob Adcock, ADJ3 Dave Dreher, ADR3 Dave Pracht & AO3 Nick Palko; VAH-21 barracks, CRB, Vietnam. Photo submitted by Manny Adame.
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Almost everyone wanted to be photographed behind the VAH-21 "Roadrunner" logo on Barracks #7. ATN3 John McVay. Photo by Eric B. Shyer. AXAN Eric B. Shyer. Photo by John McVay.

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